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About Us

Thank you so much for checking out Bunch of Bandanas!

My name is Michelle and I am the creator of Bunch of Bandanas. If you know anything about me, you know that I love dogs. I have two adorable pups you see all over this website - Cooper and Muffin. My dogs were adorable before I put bandanas on them...but once I did, there was no turning back!

In April, 2020, I began thinking and planning for Bunch of Bandanas. I knew I wanted a certain look to my bandanas, so I began researching sewing machines that gave a special edge to fabric. I soon discovered the Brother 1034D Serger, and I was sold immediately! I love the stitching this machine creates and I love that it is part of what makes Bunch of Bandanas unique. 

In May, 2020, Bunch of Bandanas was born! It has been so much fun growing this business. My talented sister-in-law, Jenna, has also helped grow this business with her hand-embroidery. This also makes Bunch of Bandanas unique. Jenna puts her time and heart into each and every one of the hand-embroidered bandanas, and I couldn't be luckier to have her on this team! I love the adventure of picking out new fabric for each collection, making product samples, having photoshoots with my pups, and then actually seeing Bunch of Bandanas products out there in the real world! Nothing gives me more joy than an adorable pup looking even more adorable in a bandana! 

Thank you so much for making my small business dreams come true. I truly could not do this without the support of each one of you! I look forward to growing Bunch of Bandanas even more in the coming months and years, and cannot wait to see what is in store!

Much love,